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Non-Profit Event Management

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What rsvpBOOK Event Management Software Can Provide

As a non-profit, efficiency is always a top concern. By moving your event management online, you can free up time and money for your organization. With live reporting, you can watch trends and make decisions in real time. And thanks to Virtual Event support, you can deliver your exceptional content to attendees both near and far.

Below is an overview of major features that make up our service. Feel free to create a free account at any time to try out our event management system. There are no costs until you are ready to go live.

What can we help you with?

Event Website

Build a complete website for your event with our Page Editor tools. With your unique Event URL, it's easy to link from emails or your own website.
Nonprofit Event Website


Personalize the registrant details collected for your event. Fit the event to meet whatever your needs may be.
Nonprofit Registration


Let your registrants choose from multiple activity options you may have available.
Nonprofit Activities


Easily set up discount codes, automatic price changes and group discounts. Easily track usage and how much has been saved
Nonprofit Promotions


Easily track attendance from smart phones, tablets and laptops. Streamlined for simple staff usage
Nonprofit Check-In


Collect feedback after your event and individual activities by email or smart phone
Nonprofit Surveys


Utilize a collection of existing reports or build your own unique views. Easily share reports or download to Excel
Nonprofit Reports

Virtual Events

Connect your Sessions to any webinar provider and deliver your event around the world.
Nonprofit Virtual Events

Event App

Build your Event App right from your Dashboard. Easily include Venue Maps and personalized Agendas
Nonprofit Event App


Built on Amazon Web Services for reliability and PCI Certified for security
Nonprofit Event Security

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I present my events virtually?

Yes, you can connect any Session/Workshop in your event to any webinar/video chat service.

Is special pricing available for non-profits?

Yes, non-profit and government agencies receive discount on events.

Can I ask custom questions?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of questions to your events. This can include dropdown questions, sets of radio button options or collecting uploaded forms.

Can I offer discounts or promo codes?

Yes, you can easily add discounts and promo codes to your event.


Creating your first Virtual Event

Get a head start with our handy guide